How It Works
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How It Works

  • The footings are poured and the bottom row of block forms are set on the wet or dry footings.
  • Factory corners are stacked to the desired height and reinforcing steel (rebar) is wired in place.
  • Window and door framing is set and braced, and intermediate bracing is set.
  • Concrete is placed in the wall and finished at the top.
  • After the concrete sets, the corner and intermediate braces are removed.
  • The super insulated wall is now ready for interior & exterior finish.

General Specifications


A-One Form System


48” Length x 16” Height

4.25” Core

9.25” Width

6” Core

11” Width

8” Core

13” Width

Perimeter Design

Tongue & Groove

Interior Wall Design

Flat Wall

EPS Wall Thickness


Exposed Surface

5 1/3 Sq. Ft. Per Side

Concrete Capacity

1 Yard Fills 14.3 Blocks of 4.25” Form

Concrete Capacity

1 Yard Fills 10 Blocks of 6” Form

Concrete Capacity

1 Yard Fills 7.6 Blocks of 8” Form

Attachment Members

8” On Center Plastic Wall Studs, 2.5” Wide by 16” High

Insulation Value

R-28 to R-32 by Thermographic Test

Additional Products

90 Degree Corner

25” x 17”

45 Degree Corner

12’ x 12”

6” Brick Ledge

16” x 48”

8” Brick Ledge

16” x 48”

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