Economical Alternate Wall System
Using this form for above and below grade construction of exterior walls reduces labor, installation time and total system of costs.
Energy Cost Savings
The insulation value of a home built with this super insulated concrete form is as much as triple that of a typical insulated frame home. Insulation this efficient can cut the monthly heating or cooling costs by as much as 50-80%. This means that a monthly heating or air conditioning bill of $140.00 wold be cut to only $35.00 (a savings of $105.00 per month)!
Rebates or Subsidies
Contact the utility company which will supply energy to your new home about rebates or subsidies for energy efficient walls. Also, consult with your tax advisor to see if you’re eligible for a tax credit of up to $2000.
Heating/Cooling System Savings
Savings up to 50% on the cost of the heating and/or air conditioning system can be expected in an insulated concrete home. For example, a 3,500 sq. ft. home with conventional insulation would require a 150,000 B.T.U. heating system and a 6-ton air conditioner; average total cost $7,000.00. In an insulated concrete home, the up-front savings for this equipment would be approximately $1,750.00.
Insurance Savings
Walls made of insulated concrete do not support combustion. Insist on the masonry rating for your homeowner’s insurance.
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